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Raw oysters and oyster dishes of Iidabashi "Oyuruya Urara" introduces "Beer to suit oysters"

Ladies and gentlemen, Hello!
A shop where fresh, safe and delicious oysters can be eaten near Iidabashi Station
It's an oyster shop.

The typhoon has passed and finally the long rainy season is over.
When it was thought that the rainy season was over, it became hot at a stretch and the days of intense heat continued.
Please be careful about your physical condition.

Now, if such a hot day continues, it may be “beer” that you want.

Beer is summer!
It ’s not an exaggeration to say, but your hands will grow.

In our shop, we have selected sake as carefully as oysters, but we also have other drinks and alcohol.

Among them, we recommend todayA local beer from Okayama Prefecture.

Oysters are often said to match white wine, but in Europe, dry white beer is said to match as well.

This beer is formulated with wheat malt in addition to normal barley malt, and is characterized by sourness and richness.

It is sweet and has a refreshing flavour, like dry white wine, and goes well with grilled oysters and raw oysters that take advantage of the original taste of oysters.

The appearance is beautiful amber and fine bubbles are also characteristic of white beer.

If you ask so far, you'll want to try to put it in your mouth with oysters.

"Beer that fits oysters"We will serve bottled beer.
Please try once.
We look forward to your visit.

【 store information 】
Oyster shop Urara

1-14 Yanbacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Yasuda Building B1
1 minute walk from JR Sobu Line / Chuo Line Iidabashi Station East Exit
   SUCH   】 03-5225-2740
【 dinner 】
Monday-Friday: 17: 00-24: 00 (Food LO23: 00)
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 16: 00-23: 00 (food LO22: 00)

Monday-Friday: 11:30 ~ 14:00 (LO13: 30)

 Regular holiday Nothing in the middle of the year

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